[xsl] Comma seperated parameter vals

Subject: [xsl] Comma seperated parameter vals
From: "Karl Stubsjoen" <karl@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 18 Feb 2003 18:24:29 -0700

I need help with parameters, and default values.  I am making a form from
XSL, and I need to pass in a set of default values to the stylesheet that
renders the form.  The form structure will be unkown, but I could pass a
name/value pair.  However, I'm not sure how to work with text like this.
Would it be easy to split a named/value pair on lets say an "=" character.
The next step would be to pass a series of named value pairs, and maybe
split them on, lets say a "|" pipe character.

Any ideas here?

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