[xsl] Reading the DocType in XSL

Subject: [xsl] Reading the DocType in XSL
From: Gary Lawrence Murphy <garym@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 20 Feb 2003 12:52:12 -0500
I've poked about in google, but the nature of the terms makes this
a hard one for robots to find:  Is it possible for XSL to detect the
SystemID given in the <!DOCTYPE> tag?

This maybe something that is processor-specific, but it seems odd that
I can read comments but I cannot find any reference to XSL making use
of the DOCTYPE information -- we have an application where we'd like
to have modular shared stylesheets where we can apply the same root
XSL to the XML (like fo/docbook.xsl) but have modules selected and
configured depending on DOCTYPE attributes (eg the DocBook version)

(our application is actually SportsML, so the DocBook analogy may not
be perfect ;)

Is there a way to make the System or Public ID known inside the XSL?

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