RE: [xsl] Saxon is the best!!!

Subject: RE: [xsl] Saxon is the best!!!
From: "Rakesh" <rakesh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2003 13:19:34 +0530
hi, Jinesh, micheal kay and Gurus,

I am running 100MB XML data using XSLT under FOP.

I have tested all the switches in FOP.BAT file to increase the performance
but does not process after 10MB of XML data. I used (XALAN 2.4.1 and Xerces)
and SAXON 6.5 and 7.3  combinations but no change with performance.

Platform Used:
	OS	:	Windows 2000
	RAM	:	1GB
	Processor :	P3
	Hard Disk :	say 200MB as Free Space

Can u please send me your FOP.BAT file and XSL which process above 50MB of
XML data?

It would be a great help by the GURUS if i succeed.

Best Regards.

Rakesh Dwivedi
Lifetree (India)

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Subject: [xsl] Saxon is the best!!!

I was running a 151MB XML data sheet using XSLT (same XSL sheet)

1. with Xalan, it stopped unexpectedly at some point when it reached around
60MB output and
extremely slow
2. with XT, It was reasonably faster but again it has less functionality and
no encoding features.
just supports UTF-8 output encoding, hence got garbled text.
3. with SAXON, it was done in around 7-8 minutes with proper indentation
perfect encoding.
4. trying MSXML4.0 now.

Thanks micheal kay.


Jinesh Varia
Graduate Student, Information Systems
Pennsylvania State University
Email: jinesh@xxxxxxx
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