[xsl] Adding namespaces with copy-of

Subject: [xsl] Adding namespaces with copy-of
From: Cams Ismael <Ismael.Cams@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2003 15:16:59 +0100

is there a possibility to copy an element into another namespace with means
of <xsl:copy-of> ?
What I want to do is the next. I have two xml files, one that uses a DTD as
model and has no namespaces declared and one that uses a schema as model
(and has a namespace declared). Now, I want to create a new file with
elements of both the files in it. The result file will have a DTD as model
and no namespaces declared. Therefore I wanted to copy an element in no
namespace. After looking on the web I found that this doesn't seems to be
possible. So now I have used templates instead of the copy-of. Why isn't it
possible to copy an element in another namespace ? This doesn't seem
unlogical to me.

Kind regards,

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