RE: [xsl] Re: Can one _generate_ namespace nodes?

Subject: RE: [xsl] Re: Can one _generate_ namespace nodes?
From: "Michael Kay" <michael.h.kay@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2003 16:17:58 -0000
> But in the XPath data model, namespace declarations are 
> "namespace nodes", 
> and XSLT appears to have no mechanism for explicitly generating a 
> namespace node into the output document.

That's true, but you can COPY a namespace node. So there's the

<xsl:variable name="temp">
  <xsl:element name="{$prefix}:local" namespace="{$uri}"/>

<xsl:copy-of select="xx:node-set($temp)//namespace::*"/>
> Am I missing something obvious? Or is there a gap in the XSLT design?

There is a gap in 1.0, the xsl:namespace instruction in XSLT 2.0 plugs

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