RE: [xsl] format-number

Subject: RE: [xsl] format-number
From: "Michael Semcheski" <mhs-list@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2003 16:30:54 -0500

I believe the poster was looking for information on whether a value passed
to format-number() that is not a number could be made to return something
other than NaN.

I would be interested if anyone could comment.


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> Lee, Insoo wrote:
> >  How would I define a default value of NaN?
> >  format-number( $something, '#,###.00', 'NaN')?
> > This doesn't seem to be working...
> What do you mean, default value? Do you mean the string you 
> see if $something cannot be converted to a number? Isn't 
> 'NaN' already the default?

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