[xsl] Why oh Why?? Namespace generation problem.

Subject: [xsl] Why oh Why?? Namespace generation problem.
From: Danny Vint <dvint@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2003 14:46:18 -0800
I just ran into an interesting problem. I'm using Saxon but I don't think it makes any difference.

In a stylesheet I can have the following:

<xsd:annotation xmlns="http://www.ACORD.org/standards/Support/xml/v1.0";>

	... output here  with tags from my namespace ...

but change it to use a variable defined with the same value like this:

<xsd:annotation xmlns="{$docURL}">

	... output here  with tags from my namespace ...

And the result instead of having the value of the variable, generates
	<xsd:annotation xmlns="{$docURL}>

Change xmlns to something like "foo" and I get the proper substitution.

Namespaces are special and all, but this is ridiculus! Why treat them any different.

I also bumped into problems with trying to create an xmlns attribute with the <xsl:attribute> element. Again, why do these have to be declared directly without variable substitution and the only way that seems to work is to use <xsl:element> except that will not allow me to create a default namespace, it wants to declare the URL for the prefix used on the element name being created.

Danny Vint

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