[xsl] Posting XML data [OT - sorry]

Subject: [xsl] Posting XML data [OT - sorry]
From: "Karl Stubsjoen" <karl@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 28 Feb 2003 08:22:04 -0700

Okay, I've learned how to populate a textarea with XSLT and post it to the
server.  Has anyone placed large XML docs (I guess not real large, semi)
into a hidden form tag by stripping all white space from xml document to
post back to server?

...then I really started thinking about this, and the question came to me:
how do you (how are you suppose to) post XML to the server from the client?

...then I stumbled upon xForms.  Did I stumble onto something most awesome
or not?  Will xForms allow me to post xml data islands to the server?

This may not be the most appropriate group for these questions, but its a
damn good group (active).  I guess I'm saying, sorry if this is a bit off

Let me add:  I'm on this really big XML/XSLT high right now.  I have much
ASP code which I am converting to XML/XSLT.  I'm in love with making HTML
forms using XSLT, passing the stylesheet an XML document packed with form
vals, default vals, and so on...
I'm also in love with querying a table, persisting the data as XML straight
into an XML document and then transforming the result to the user with a
stylesheet.  XSLT rocks... All of this stuff rocks.

But shoot, how are you suppose to post XML to the server from the client?
Is xForms the answer?

Thanks for listening : )


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