RE: [xsl] Numbered Elements

Subject: RE: [xsl] Numbered Elements
From: "Jack Cane" <jwcane@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 3 May 2003 13:27:20 -0400

So, the key runs independent of the number element, and just picks up all
occurrences of  "Equation", in order, and returns the key value for the
matched IdRef value?

I added items shown below. The result is a blank.

<xsl:key name="kEqn" match="Equation" use="Target" />

<xsl:template match="etd:xRef">
	<xsl:apply-templates select="key('kEqn', etd:RefElemID)"/>

Equation and Target are both elements declared within the etd namespace. I
tried the template with and without etd: prefixes.



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> Still new to XML/XSLT, I am trying to get my arms around the
> numbering methods in XML. Believe I have succeeded in
> auto-numbering figures, equations, tables, etc. Now I need to
> refer to an element by number. From textbooks and online
> reading I have the following:
> An element Equation of type EquationType:
>    <xs:complexType name="EquationType">
>       <xs:element name="Expression" type="xs:string"/>
>       <xs:element name="Target" type="xs:ID" use="required" />
>    </xs:complexType>
> An element xRef of type xRefType:
>    <xs:complexType name="xRefType">
>       <xs:sequence>
>          <xs:element name="RefElemType" type="xs:string"/>
>          <xs:element name="RefElemID" type="xs:IDREF"/>
>       </xs:sequence>
>    </xs:complexType>
> The Transform template of xRef is
>    <xsl:template match="etd:xRef">
>       <xsl:apply-templates select="number[@Target='etd:RefElemID']" />
>    </xsl:template>
> Instead of the number of the equation having the indicated
> target value, the result is a blank. There are no error messages.
You have tried to select a child element called "number" and there isn't
one. If there were one, you would be selecting it only if its @Target
attribute were equal to the string "etd:RefElemId". But Target is not an
attribute, it is an element, and the string is not a string, it is an
element name - so you seem pretty confused.

I think you want

<xsl:key name="k" match="Equation" use="Target"/>


<xsl:apply-template select="key('k', etd:RefElemId)"/>

though I'm guessing wildly about the namespace.

Michael Kay

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