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Subject: RE: RE: [xsl] interactive XSLT
From: "Thomas, Mark - BLS CTR" <Thomas.Mark@xxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 5 May 2003 15:03:48 -0400
> The XML data, that I am using, are quite huge (measurement 
> results with several 100 MByte), thus I do not really want to 
> dublicate the whole data, just to use a different style 
> sheet. I was hoping I could find a more elegant way to solve 
> this problem. Isnt this an "every day" problem. I am not too 
> much into stylesheets, but I expected the basic idea is to 
> view the same data with different style sheets? And this is 
> exactly what I want to do ...

Exactly what you want to do is being done by Xopus (
Currently the site isn't much as they are separating the product into both
Open Source and commercial versions. I don't see a download right now; you
can ask questions on the mailing list, which is full of helpful people.

What Xopus does is download the XML and perform client-side XSL
transformation. The stylesheet is selectable via a menu (which is
implemented in Javascript) so you can get multiple "views" of the data. All
Xopus features are available in Mozilla as well as IE (they've written a
compatibility library).

By the way, Xopus can also let you edit the content (live in the styled
page, by reading your schema and knowing what's editable) which is
mind-blowingly awesome. But you don't have to use this feature.

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