[xsl] testing for typeof

Subject: [xsl] testing for typeof
From: Rob Rohan <me@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 05 May 2003 20:55:42 -0700
I am playing around with xslt2.0, and I need a way to test the typeof
something. I did a quick search on google, and I have greped my quick
reference (1.0 though). Is there a way, or some totally obvious function
to say something like

<xsl:if test="isNodeset(item)"...
<xsl:if test="isString(item)"...
<xsl:if test="isFloat(item)"...

2.0 (or at least The Saxon XSLT Processor from Michael Kay v7.4) :) has
a strongly typed overtones, and it seems like these would be standard
functions -

can some one point me in the right direction please


Rob Rohan <me@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

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