RE: [xsl] Importing stylesheets (overriding)

Subject: RE: [xsl] Importing stylesheets (overriding)
From: "Ross Ken" <Ken.Ross@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 7 May 2003 07:58:49 +1000
I'm not sure I understand your problem, but have you looked at importing your "default" stylesheet into a stub, either from a file or created dynamically (remember an XSLT is just an XML document, so you can manipulate it including transform it with XSLTs if you wish).

Rather than importing your "overrides" into the default stylesheet, import your default behaviour into the overrides stylesheet.


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Subject: [xsl] Importing stylesheets (overriding)


In both cases of import and inclusion of stylesheets, these must occur Top
Level.  This doesn't seem to be the solution I'm after, since I need to
conditionaly choose my override template.

I have a default stylesheet, which has 4 primary functions:
1)  build a very basic HTML table of results for an give XML document
2)  display a basic HTML form for editing (or inserting new) a particular
item in an XML document
3)  display a basic HTML form for confirming the deletion of a record

>From ASP I build and XML document, call up my default template and parse the
XM Document into HTML.  ASP determines which of the 4 functions is occuring
and sets a paramter in the stylesheet appropriately.  The stylesheet has a
template match (with mode) for each of the above functions.

I'd like the ability to be able to override any of the above template
matches with a new one.  As in, from ASP I'd always rely on the default
template, but invision passing the template a parameter which is the URI of
a stylesheet to actually handle the EDIT Form (as an example).

I'm thinking this is not possible, and thinking that I'd need to handle the
override from ASP.  Which isn't entirlely a bad idea.  I just didn't want to
recreate the entire stylesheet and was really hoping to conditionaly
override a template match in the master stylesheet with a snippet of a

Thanks for the advice!


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