RE: [xsl] Fw: Styling Stylesheets article: First half published

Subject: RE: [xsl] Fw: Styling Stylesheets article: First half published
From: "Conal Tuohy" <conalt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 7 May 2003 11:42:33 +1200
Joseph Kesselman wrote:

> The first installment of my article on using XSLT stylesheets to
> annotate/enhance other XSLT stylesheets just went live on
> developerWorks:
> This part's largely motivation and context-setting, though it does
> introduce the basic tricks which are needed to generate new
> stylesheet
> behaviors.

Excellent article Joseph!

I'm a big fan of "meta-stylesheets" (XSLT that outputs XSLT), and I've used
it a lot, though not in this way.

It seems to me that the paper above describes an application of
"aspect-oriented" programming in xslt (though the term AOP is not mentioned
in the article). In AOP, different aspects of the system are programmed
independently, and "woven" into a final program. In this example, "debug
messages" are an aspect, and the "weaver" stylesheet automatically inserts
code to generate these messages into each template of another XSLT

Readers might be interested to see a related article I read recently:

The above article describes a technique for using XSLT to implement AOP in
Java. First the Java code is parsed into an XML representation of the Java
syntax, then XSLT is used to insert other bits of Java into the appropriate
places, then the XML is converted back to Java and compiled.



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