Re: [xsl] Re:XPathAPI: How to associate namespaces

Subject: Re: [xsl] Re:XPathAPI: How to associate namespaces
From: David Carlisle <davidc@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 7 May 2003 12:27:49 +0100
  but you'll run into this in case you start
  using an XHTML document written by any compliant XHTML editor as this will have
  exactly the characteristics I have described (default namespace, not

But it doesn't matter what prefix (or no prefix) the original document
uses, You need to use a prefix in the Xpath. It doesn't have to be the
same prefix as used in the document, what matters is the namespace name
(ie the URI).

> Is there any rule stating that a certain namespace URI (i.e.
> has to use a specific prefix i.e. xhtml)?

No, that's the whole point of the namespace system. Individual authors
can use any prefix they want, so as to avoid conflicts with any other
namespaces used in the document.

> Are namespace URIs sort
> of "free form" anyway or where can I find the rules how to for example
> construct my own namespace.

The _only_ property that a namespace has is its name (its URI).
Apart from that all namespaces are identical, they just consist of teh
countable set of strings that match the  NCName production.
So to construct your own namespace all you have to do is take any URI,
eg mailto:TSchlabach@xxxxxxx and use it as a namepace:
<x xmlns="mailto:TSchlabach@xxxxxxx"/>
is the element with local name x and namespace mailto:TSchlabach@xxxxxxx

>  There should be a way to avoid conflicting prefixes,
> shouldn't it?

As I mentioned above, the whole point of using namespaces is to avoid
conflicts. Anyone writing a document using the
and the mailto:TSchlabach@xxxxxxx just needs to pick two different
prefixes (one of which can be empty) and use one for each namespace, so
there is no chance of collision within that document.
(for elements at least you don't even need to use different prefixes if
you don't want to, you can just switch the namespace bindings on each
element with an explicit xmlns declaration.


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