RE: [xsl] Avoid copying of namespace declarations of the XSL

Subject: RE: [xsl] Avoid copying of namespace declarations of the XSL
From: cknell@xxxxxxxxxx
Date: Mon, 12 May 2003 07:32:26 -0500
Add this attribute to your stylesheet element:
exclude-result-prefixes=" ...". Replace the elipsis with a whitespace-separated list of namespace prefixes you want to remove from the result tree.
Charles Knell
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Subject:  [xsl] Avoid copying of namespace declarations of the XSL


Is there a way to avoid getting the namespace
definitions copied into the result xml file using XSLT
? I have read lots of threads on here about a similar
problem but in all those cases, the input xml file had
namespace declarations which were being copied over
and <xsl:copy-of> was copying the whold node including
the namespace nodes.

But in my case, the input xml file does not have any
namespace declarations. I have a few namespace
declarations and adding some attributes in those
namespaces. Elements which have these attributes are
also getting the corresponding namespace declarations
copied over even though I have
"exclude-result-prefixes" attribute in the
<xsl:stylesheet> element.

Appreciate your help.


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