RE: [xsl] DOM v/s JDOM

Subject: RE: [xsl] DOM v/s JDOM
From: "Greg McCreath" <Greg.McCreath@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 15 May 2003 15:36:49 +0200

We have just started using JDOM for some of our XML processing. We
mainly use Xerces/Xalan though.

JDOM is much simpler to use and more java-like.  That is true.  We have
no complaints about the speed.

We use JDOM for the following reasons:

1) You can use your own subclassed nodes in a JDOM tree.  This make it
especially good for use in an MVC situation where the model is a tree
structure and you want to use XPATH on it.

2) The XPATH usage is clean and simple.

3) It interoperates with SAX, Xerces, etc.

As yet, I'm not too sure of it's XSL capabilities, I haven't been there


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Subject: [xsl] DOM v/s JDOM

Hi All,

I have read @ many places that JDOM is a replacement
of DOM and is much better in terms of performance
(parsing) and usage.
In our product we need to transform XML using XSL. Is
the JDOM a right choice
so on what merits do we decide to go for JDOM instead
of DOM??? Is there any analysis done by someone???

Can we convert JDOM to DOM and vice versa?
Can JDOM work with XSLTC i.e. translets??

We gonna use XALAN in our production environment.


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