[xsl] Lookup alternate inflections for headword in secondary file

Subject: [xsl] Lookup alternate inflections for headword in secondary file
From: Chris Loschen <loschen@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 15 May 2003 13:19:32 -0400
Hi all!

I'm trying to use the key and document functions to match some alternative inflections from one source file with the
appropriate main headword in my main source file. (Thanks to all the people on the list who have kindly helped me
get this far, and also to Michael Kay, from whom I've copied liberally (2nd ed., p. 502-3).)

I've run into an error I haven't been able to make sense of yet, and I'm hoping someone here will know. The error reads

(Location of error unknown)XSLT error (javax.xml.transform.Transformer Exception): java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 5182 >= 5182

I'm running xalan-java 2.5, and this is a slightly shortened version of the command line:

java org.apache.xalan.xslt.Process -in /inbox/13248/xmlin/English-French_Dictionary.xml -xsl ~/bin/xslt/oro2oeb4dak.xsl
-out /inbox/13248/lit/English-French_Dictionary-dak.html -param bilingual english -param inflectiono alternate
(all in one line of course)

Following are samples of my input data and my stylesheet:

main source file fragment:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="us-ascii"?>
<!DOCTYPE OPR PUBLIC "-//xxx//DTD xxx//" "Oro-v315.dtd">
<letter value="A">
<e eid="e1" etype="feature"><hg><hw>a</hw> <pos>determiner</pos></hg><sg><se1><b>an</b> avant voyelle ou h muet. <se2 type="usage">For expressions such as <b>make a noise, make a fortune &rarr;noise, fortune.</b></se2> <se2 type="variant">un/une. <b>&tilde; tree</b> un arbre; <b>&tilde; chair</b> une chaise.</se2> <se2 type="variant">(<ctx><r>per</r></ctx>) <b>ten francs &tilde; kilo</b> dix francs le kilo; <b>three times &tilde; day</b> trois fois par jour.</se2> <se2 type="note">When talking about what people do or are, <b>a</b> is not translated into French: <b>she's a teacher</b> <i>elle est professeur;</i> <b>he's a widower</b> <i>il est veuf</i>.</se2></se1></sg></e>
<e eid="e2"><hg><hw>aback</hw> <pos>adv</pos></hg><sg><se1><b>taken &tilde;</b> d&eacute;concert&eacute;.</se1></sg></e>
<e eid="e3"><hg><hw>abandon</hw> <pos>vt</pos></hg><sg><se1>abandonner. &bull; <pos>n</pos> abandon <pos>m.</pos></se1></sg></e>

english_alternate.xml fragment:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="us-ascii"?>
<!DOCTYPE OPR PUBLIC "-//xxx//DTD xxx//" "Oro-v315.dtd">
<se id="e1"><formg><form>a</form><form>a's</form><form>A</form><form>A's</form></formg><hw>a<hm>1</hm></hw></se>
<se id="e2"><formg><form>a</form></formg><hw>a<hm>2</hm></hw></se>
<se id="e3"><formg><form>aback</form></formg><hw>aback</hw></se>
<se id="e4"><formg><form>abandon</form><form>abandoned</form><form>abandoning</form><form>abandons</form></formg><hw>abandon</hw></se>

XSL (in part):

<xsl:param name="bilingual" select="'title'" />

<xsl:param name="inflection" select="'regular'" />

<xsl:key name="entry-by-hw" match="se" use="concat(hw,'-',hm)" />

<xsl:variable name="alternate-inflections">
<xsl:when test="$bilingual = 'english' and $inflection = 'alternate'">
<xsl:apply-templates select="document('/inbox/13248/xmlin/english_alternate.xml')" />
<xsl:when test="$bilingual = 'foreign' and $inflection = 'alternate'">
<xsl:apply-templates select="document('/inbox/13248/xmlin/foreign_alternate.xml')" />
<xsl:otherwise />

<xsl:template ...
<xsl:if test="$inflection = 'alternate'">
<xsl:variable name="current_hw" select="concat(ancestor::e/hg/hw[1],'-',ancestor::e/hg/hom[1])" />
<xsl:for-each select="$alternate-inflections">
<xsl:variable name="match" select="key('entry-by-hw',$current_hw)" />
<xsl:for-each select="$match/formg/form">
<xsl:when test=". = ancestor::e/hw" />
<tei-ms:orth><object class="hidden"><xsl:apply-templates select="." /></object></tei-ms:orth>

Any suggestions? Thank you very much!


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