RE: [xsl] table column

Subject: RE: [xsl] table column
From: David Neary <David@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 19 May 2003 18:13:36 +0200

De : David Carlisle [mailto:davidc@xxxxxxxxx]
> > I understood that to produce well-formed xml in situations 
> where start 
> > and end tags are conditional, disable-output-escaping (or 
> xsl:output 
> > mode="html") were required. If I leave it off, the output will be 
> > &lt;tr&gt; will it not?
> Do not think in terms of tags when using XSLT.


> in particular it is almost guaranteed not to work in any 
> situation where
> the result is passed as an in-memeory tree to the next process (eg as
> happens in mozilla or netscape or cocoon). In general it is a bad idea
> to give disable-output-escaping as an answer to a user question unless
> you are very sure the user is in a special situation where it is
> unavoidable.

Ah - in almost all places where I have used this, I have gotten away 
with it. the only exception was passing the output stream from a sax 
transform to the input of a fop process. In that case, passing via a 
temporary String did the trick (but I needed to re-parse the XML 
afterwards, so there was a cost).

To date I haven't used the native transformer in Mozilla or Netscape, 
but have rather had separate xslt processes server-side, so I hadn't 
realised this would be a problem for them.

I will go read the FAQ a bit :) That said, my answer did seem to solve 
the original poster's problem :)

Given that my answer was incorrect as an approach, though, how would one  
go about doing what was described in xsl 1?


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