[xsl] fast xsl

Subject: [xsl] fast xsl
From: saigo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx (Evgenia Firsova)
Date: Tue, 20 May 2003 08:58:17 +0400

I ask all you to help me in my small speed optimization research.
There are 9 xsl-files at www.op.spb.ru/tmp/fast.zip (3Kb): xml.xsl to 
generate xml and test1_1.xsl ... test4_2.xsl for tests.
Please, run all files and send me timing. I want to know the time (in 
milliseconds) each test file works.
Also I need to know what parser do you use and on what computer 
configuration do you run these tests.

Thank you a lot!

 Yours sincerely, Evgenia Firsova (saigo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx)
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