Re: [xsl] perfomance question about selecting from child-node

Subject: Re: [xsl] perfomance question about selecting from child-node
From: "Braumüller, Hans" <H.Braumueller@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 22 May 2003 17:43:24 +0200
Hello David,

thanks for your answer. OK, i will stop the time. 
Thank you for your third alternative, it is a good suggestion.

I was asking me, when the processor is transcurring the tree from up (root) to down by my general approach of recursive applying templates, it is slower when i am on a specific branch/node, if i go back to the parent branch/node to select some xml-source information for my transformation, because it is the second time i am there on the parent node.

It seems i am thinking too procedural!


Hans Braumüller 
-- + -- 
Peacedream ?


> What is better for getting a faster transformation in general?

Answers to such questions often depend on the processor, so I suppose
the real answer is just to time it it with the processor that you intend
to use.

Note however that there are alternatives to the two forms you show.
the second form would presumably only be slower if ../abc is slow
but you can limit the number of times you need to use .. in your
template without using parameters, eg

<xsl:variable name="parent" select=".."/>
<xsl:variable name="tannr" select="$parent/tannr"/>
etc and then use  $tannr rather than ../tannr  however I would have
thought that you would have to have an awful lot of access to ../ inside
your DARKONTRAKT template before any of these made any real difference.


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