[xsl] Inverting a Stylesheet

Subject: [xsl] Inverting a Stylesheet
From: Stefan Bindel <stefan.bindel@xxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 26 May 2003 23:42:16 +0200

I am new to this list but I have a quite hard subject for my stand-in ;)

If I can transform a specific XML to, say, a specific HTML document like this

 data.xml ----------------> data.html

is there an algorithm (e.g. called "invert") that, given the input data.xsl can produce invert(data.xsl) so that

 data.html ----------------------> data.xml


IOW, is there an algorithm, that can (more or less) exactly produce the re- transformation from the transformed result back into the source?

If not, why not? Is it imposible? Has no one tried before? If yes, I'd be happy to get a pointer to articles, sources, ... on the subject...


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