Re: [xsl] ampersand fun

Subject: Re: [xsl] ampersand fun
From: "Malcolm Macaulay" <malcolm_xslt_list@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 27 May 2003 12:18:04 -0500
Hi Martin,

I've had the same problem and people explained to me that it is an encoding
problem. Unless you specify the encoding (like this, for example):
<xsl:output name="html" method="html" encoding="UTF-8"/>

there is no guarantee what the browser will assume. In addition you might
want to use this:

& # 1 6 9 ; (without the spaces)

rather than this:


in your XSLT




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Subject: [xsl] ampersand fun

> This is probably an old question but, when trying to encoide an ampersand
in a URL even when I write is as:
> <xsl:text>&amp;</xsl:text>
> the page doesn't render. Any ideas?
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