[xsl] conversion of time and/or date

Subject: [xsl] conversion of time and/or date
From: "jefke peters" <jefkes200@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 28 May 2003 14:45:38 +0200
I woul like to convert a time from a datetime datatype to the local time by using the zone time at the end. Are there functions to do this?
e.g. 2003-05-28T12:40:50+02:00
I would like to show the local time whitch should be : 14:40:50 (12:40:50 + 02:00)? Is there a function for this. Because it's a lot of work if you have to write all the code yourself.

Is there also a way to add one day to a date whithout having to make all the calculations.
when you added the zone time to the UTC/GMT and the time has crossed the 24 hours limit then the date should be the date of the next day.
e.g. UTC date: 2003-05-28 UTC time: 23:40:50 so when you add the 02:00 time zone then the locel time should become: 01:40:50 and the local day should be: 2003-05-29

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