RE: [xsl] Axes, predicates, and finding the right node

Subject: RE: [xsl] Axes, predicates, and finding the right node
From: Randy Oxentenko <randy@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 29 May 2003 15:29:31 -0500
Is it possibly because of the typographical error, spelling "reject" as

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Subject: RE: [xsl] Axes, predicates, and finding the right node

I'm attempting to determine if a node exists on a sibling to an ancestor of
the current node.  In the following "tree" payerid is the current node being
processed and I need to determine if the reject node exists.  What's a good
way to do this?

>  |
>    |
>  |               |
>origreq        response
>   |			|
>eliginq	   eligresp
>   |			|
>payerid	   subscribe
>			|
>		   reject

The path (ancestor::transaction)/response/eligresp/subscribe/reject works to
find the node, and I thought using

<xsl:when test="(ancestor::transaction)/response/eligresp/subscribe/rejct" >
/* call template recursively to update count */
/* output total minus count */

would be the best way to handle things. Unfortunately, the otherwise path is
always taken. I need to move through the entire node-set selected by the
template before it gets to the otherwise clause.  Would a for-each loop be a
better way to do this?  Do I need to create another template with the same
node-set that doesn't output anything but does update the counter?

Any suggestions, guidance would be appreciated.
Erika Marlow


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