[xsl] setting an URIResolver - who is correct, saxon or xalan

Subject: [xsl] setting an URIResolver - who is correct, saxon or xalan
From: "Robert Koberg" <rob@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 31 May 2003 08:32:25 -0700

I just figured out why I am having problems switching between XSL
processors, namely Xalan, Saxon and the Resin servlet container's own Impl.

With Saxon I can set the URIResolver once on the TransformerFactory and it
is also used by the Transformer.

But with Xalan, I need to set the URIResolver on both the TransformerFactory
and the Transformer. 

I haven't tested Resin yet, but I would bet is the same as Xalan.

I can see benefits to both approaches, but I would hope for standard way to
do it. I will set them both, which works in Saxon regardless. It seems
correct to me that the Transformer should inherit it's factory's resolver.
It seems overkill to set it twice since the transformer comes from the

Have I simply stumbled on a Saxon 'feature' but really been doing it wrong
all this time?

Who is right? Or if there is no right way, what are your thoughts?


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