[xsl] gain data from multiple xml files?

Subject: [xsl] gain data from multiple xml files?
From: Josef El-Rayes <j.el-rayes@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 6 Oct 2003 21:05:18 +0200

i have a file "navigation.xml" from which i create the navigation bar
and i have multiple .xml files for example "september.xml" and
"august.xml" from which i generate by using blog.xml a blog.

i want both the navigation and the blog combined on a website but when i
call xsltproc with:

xsltproc -o index.html index.xsl navigation.xml blog.xml it only
processes the blog part.

when i change order or leave one of the .xml away, it renders only the
one xml i used on the commandline.
when i leave both out i do not get any .html.

what may i have done wrong?


ps: i put my files online at http://www.daemon.li/xml/
thanks for your help
www: http://www.daemon.li
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