RE: [xsl] XSLT vs Perl

Subject: RE: [xsl] XSLT vs Perl
From: "Adam Griffin" <agriffin@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 3 Feb 2004 12:03:05 -0500
I like Kays approach here...  :-)
Especially if it starts to get real hairy with requirements like working
with offline data... Performing sorts on the client... User preferences
influencing how data looks... (etc. etc.)

As a person involved in the nitty gritty work of writing programs that
use both these technologies, I readily reach for XSLT over Perl for
transformation tasks. At the theory level, it may just look like a
preference thing. If you work quite a bit with both you'll find yourself
happily using XSLT for most transformation tasks. It just makes my job
easier on  many levels. 

In addition, I would never discard Perl from my tool belt. They may be
capable in similar ways but, they definitely fit a purpose for which
many of us worker bees use it for more than just the novelty or as a
resume bulker.  ;-)

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Subject: RE: [xsl] XSLT vs Perl

> XSLT 2.0 is awk with pointy brackets. What's the advantage of
> having pointy brackets in awk?

I was not aware that awk had a data model or type system that was in any
way aligned with XML.

Let's be concrete. What is the equivalent of

<a href="{../@code}.html"/><xsl:value-of select="title"/></a>

in awk? Or in Perl?

Michael Kay

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