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Subject: RE: Re: [xsl] Printing xml to paper and pdf
From: cknell@xxxxxxxxxx
Date: Wed, 04 Feb 2004 15:01:58 -0500
Generally the transformation pipeline is like this:

You know how to use XSLT to transform XML. What you need to learn about is XSL-FO. A number of products will take XSL-FO and transform it to PDF. An open source one is FOP, available at

There are a number of commercial products available. A thread on this list the past few days discussed the topic at length.

Here's a tutorial on XSL-FO:

Details can be found on XSL-FO can be found at:
Charles Knell
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Subject:  Re: [xsl] Printing xml to paper and pdf

I think my question was written poorly, what I am trying to do is use my
xslt to tranform my xml to html for screen (already accomplished) and to a
print friendly page and also to pdf.

Can xslt transform xml to pdf? and if so, how do you do that?

> I'm not sure that this list is the right forum for this question,  but
> since
> I work with printers I will help you out as best I can.
> First of all getting the transformed document to print directly to paper
> is
> going to depend on the target printer not the XML and XSLT tools you are
> using.  Your best bet is to find a printer that understands PDF and/or
> directly.  Several major manufacturers devices do this.  I know that both
> Lexmark and HP printers can print PDF directly.  Xerox, IBM and other
> major
> brands may be able to but you should check.
> If your target printer has this feature then just transform your document
> to
> PDF and send it directly to the printer via FTP, HTTP, a direct socket
> connection or something similar.
> Some transform tools give you the option to transform to PostScript of PCL
> so this might also be an option since almost all laser printers include
> either PostScript or PCL.
> Clay Hensley
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> Subject: [xsl] Printing xml to paper and pdf
>> How does one go about actually taking an xml document using an xsl sheet
>> for html, and format that prints right on paper?
>> also, to tranform it to PDF?
>> Are there any good beginner guides or tutorials for how to do this?
>> Thank you,
>> Kaeri Johnson
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