RE: [xsl] outputting unknown amount of child elements

Subject: RE: [xsl] outputting unknown amount of child elements
From: cknell@xxxxxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 05 Feb 2004 07:49:03 -0500
This is what recursion is for. In your template that matches "item" output the value of the first text node "text()[1]", then apply-templates again. That will call the "item" template again. Your transformer will automatically stop processing when the source document runs out of "item" elements.
Charles Knell
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Subject:  [xsl] outputting unknown amount of child elements

Given the following consisting of embedded elements with a common name:
   <item>Level 1
         <item>Level 2
                       <item>Level 3
               --- etc.----

How can I process this so all child elements (regardless of the depth) are outputted in a way that mirrors the structure structure of the original document. For example the uoutput may look something like this:

Heading Level 1
   Heading Level 2
      Heading Level  3

I would find this straightforward if there was a fixed number of levels but in this case the amount varies and is unknown.

Thanks for your help

David Elsmore

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