[xsl] documenting xsl stylesheets

Subject: [xsl] documenting xsl stylesheets
From: Paul Tremblay <phthenry@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 9 Feb 2004 00:22:25 -0500
A while back I read a thread on this mailing list on how to document xsl
stylesheets. The conclusion of the thread was to use a different
namespace in order to insert documentation:

    xmlns:documenation = "http://www.somewebsite";

<documentaion:note>The following template looks for
the value of item...</documentaion:note>

<xsl:template match = "list">
 <xsl:value-of select = "item"/>


But is there already a set of elements designed for just this purpose?
Is there a standard way to document xsl stylesheets the way there is a
standard way to document perl and python scripts?




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