[xsl] making trees/lists during execution (dynamically)

Subject: [xsl] making trees/lists during execution (dynamically)
From: "Peter Billen" <peter@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 9 Feb 2004 16:22:42 +0100
Hi there,

Is it possible to make trees (or lists) dynamically during the

I made some templates, but they share some grade of redundancy (about 10
lines of the same html code in each template), so I'd like to build a
tree/list in each template which will contain the specific data of that
template and call in that template another common (shared) template-function
with the built tree/list given as parameter. In the latter template, I will
loop through the tree/list and output it I would have done before.
I'm still new to XSL, but until now I couldn't find a good solution, so I
hope you can help me with this.

If needed, I can provide an example, but I hope this is clear enough.

Thanks for your time,


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