RE: [xsl] documenting xsl stylesheets

Subject: RE: [xsl] documenting xsl stylesheets
From: "Kielen, Agnes" <Agnes.Kielen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2004 09:21:34 +0100

>That means that using documentation-elements imposes a limitation on
>what you can document. Often times you need to include documentation
>that is not at the top level.

True. If you need inline documention. Try the fallback mechanism.  By the way I'm always in for an improvement ;).

>I notice that when I use the xslt stylesheet "docToHtml.xsl", I get an
>html document that contains one long line. Is this stylesheet just meant
>as an example of what one could create in html?

>The other stylesheet "createDocumentation.xsl" produces a very nicely
>structured XML document with a lot of useful information. 

>How exactly do you use this information? Say you are publishing a
>stylesheet. Do you include two copies of each stylesheet, one that is
>documented and one that is stripped of this documentation, and do you
>tell the uses to see the documented stylehseet for documentation? 

The idea is this. 
During implementation and testing I use an 'XSLT with documentation elements'. When the stylesheets are ready for production I do several things.
- Create a stripped stylesheet for production with 'createProduction.xsl'
- Create an XML file with all documentation data with 'createDocumentation.xsl'
- This new XML-file is used as input for the 'docToHtml.xsl' and creates a normal HTML file.

The reason I use this intermediate step of creating an XML file and only then the HTML is this: The intermediaye XML-file can be used to create several types of output, HTML, PDF and so on. At the moment the tool provides only supports HTML output. 

So for each original 'stylesheet with documentation nodes' 3 transformations are necessary when you want a stripped production stylesheet an HTML output. I still have plans to automate this proces by writing something smart myself or with Ant.

>Thanks for this tool, Agnes!

I'm glad that people are happy with it.


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