[xsl] What's fxslt all about?

Subject: [xsl] What's fxslt all about?
From: Terence Kearns <terencek@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2004 17:51:46 +1100
Jim Fuller wrote:

>>Although there might be opinions to the contrary, I find that
>>using FXSL one can often produce elegant solutions to
>>problems that otherwise would be difficult to solve.
> +1 elegant and fast....
> most folks who use XSLT would do themselves a world of good by looking
> at FXSL, I just wish there was more descriptive articles on FXSL.


I'm going on Jim Fuller's advice here. I've just been trying to read the information at fxslt.sf.net but have immediately run into a wall. The "Functional Programming" subheading of your #Starting_point. The examples you have there are nothing but gobbledey gook for us non-computer-scientist-professors.

Can I suggest that fxslt would be a whole lot more useful if people could crack the documentation without embarking on a major oddesey (ie. having to go read "Why functional programming matters" before being able to get through the second page in "The Functional Programming Language XSLT - A proof through examples"). If there's no other way, then it stands to reasons I suppose. Otherwise, maybe a section entitled "Here's a bunch of useful XSLT stuff I worked hard on, and here's how you can use it" would be really handy ;)
I plan on reading it (WFPM) anyway because I am intrigued by the concept you seem to be proposing here for XSLT. I just hope I can make it through without having to go do that degree in computer science -- in which case I've been unfortunate in my gamble to pour time/energy into attempting to understant fxslt (which would be my own fault -- occupational hazzard).

At the end of the day, I am not a computer scientist as much as a template designer looking to get some usefulness out of your work (some sort of template lib?). I don't know if that excludes me from your target audience. It may not be intended for my type I guess :/ In which case, please ignore my whining and moaning.

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