[xsl] Loading XSL files from stylesheet stored into a JAR

Subject: [xsl] Loading XSL files from stylesheet stored into a JAR
From: cmalderez@xxxxxxx
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2004 10:14:43 +0100

I'm using JBoss v3.2.3 with Tomcat 4.1.29.
I've build a small Web application using JSP, EJB producing XML document (using 
JDOM) and displaying data as HTML using XSL stylesheets.

I want to separate some XSL templates into other XSL files and load them from 
my primary XSL stylesheet.
Easy using: <xsl:include href="foo.xsl"/>

But all my JSP and XSL files are packaged into a WAR(jar) file and deployed 
into JBoss with my EJB package.
The Web Package (WAR file) is mounted using the web-uri: mytool
The Web Package contains 2 folders 'jsp/' with all JSP pages & 'xsl/' with all 
XSL stylesheets.

I access to my JSP using this URL http://localhost:8080/mytool/jsp/myjsp.jsp
In my JSP I can't load my XSL stylesheets as file because they are in a JAR.
So I load them using the getClass().getResource('myxsl.xsl');

But how can I specify the correct URI for the second XSL file 'foo.xsl' which 
must be loaded from the 'myxsl.xsl' ?
I can't use <xsl:include href="foo.xsl"/> anymore ...
I've noticed that the following line works <xsl:include 
href="http://localhost:8080/mytool/xsl/foo.xsl"/> ... but I can't let hard 
configuration like that in XSL files.

How can I get a correct mount point in order to load the 'foo.xsl' 
from 'myxsl.xsl' ??

Thanks !

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