RE: [xsl] SOLVED! Problem using document() to access another XML file

Subject: RE: [xsl] SOLVED! Problem using document() to access another XML file
From: Aitor San Juan <asanjuan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2004 12:26:28 +0100
I'm very grateful for your detailed explanation.

I've tested what you've suggested (the absolute path to the
'formats.xml' file was right, I just created it there to make
sure it was found).

Your suggestion was:


so I exactly used the following:

<xsl:variable name="formatURL"

The variable "formatURL" had the empty string when accessing it (from within
the template for <doc>'s). I don't know why.

So, I have adapted your initial suggestion into the following 2 steps and it

1. I load the content of the file

<xsl:variable name="fmtURLs" select="document('/formats.xml',/)"/>

2. I access the node I'm interested in:

<xsl:value-of select="$fmtURLs/formats/format[@id=current()/file/@type]"/>

Thank you so much.

Have a good week-end.

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is the formats.xml really at the root of your filesystem (or http server)?
if the file is in the same directory as your main source file, you don't
want that / in front of formats.


no need for the * there just the single / node would be enough, you just
need any node in the document, used to get the base uri for the relative
yur in the first argument.

Once you have the right file path to your document you just need to make
sure that you get the Xpaths in the dvariable definition to match up.

For example

 <xsl:variable name="format"

if you changed that to

 <xsl:variable name="format"

then it would be the empty set, as
is the root node (/) of the document, so


is all the child nodes of that, which is probably just the formats



is the formats children of the formats element, and there is no such child
so this is the empty node set.

So, you could fix that to be




would select al the format elements so


selects all the format elements whose id attribute is equal to the string
value of the type attribute of a child element called file. No format
element has a child element called file, so the right hand side of the =
acts as the empty string, and no format element has an id attribure with
value "" so no format elements are selected by this filter.

You don't want the file element child of the format element, you want
the file element child of the element that was current at the outer
expression, so that is



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