RE: [xsl] #Please Help: Nested conditions

Subject: RE: [xsl] #Please Help: Nested conditions
From: "Andreas L. Delmelle" <a_l.delmelle@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 21 Feb 2004 00:32:04 +0100
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> From: Matthias Fischer

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> One of the things I am starting to appreciate is that
> OO language seems to extend in "space"; instead, my mind was set to
> understand language -- artificial and natural language -- as something
> that happens in time.
> Am I on the right track?

I think you are, if what you're referring to is 'sequential occurrence of

An xsl:apply-templates can be seen as 'grabbing the nodes specified in the
select attribute and pushing them through their corresponding templates',
the different templates will 'process' the selected nodes according to the
specified mode and the closest matching pattern/highest priority.

But all that different processing need not necessarily take place in a
specific order, as long as it produces the intended output, all is ok.



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