[xsl] Multi level grouping question

Subject: [xsl] Multi level grouping question
From: "Kent Seegmiller" <hookjaw20@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2004 23:28:40 -0700
I want to group 3-4 levels down. I get the 1-2 levels working from reading
Jeni's postings but I can't get the 3rd level and so on to work.

Heres the XML:
<claim claimable="no">
   <vendorname>TYCO PLASTICS</vendorname>
   <vendorontime> 50 </vendorontime>
   <cons> 101 </cons>
   <carrier>GODFREY TRUCKING</carrier>
   <carrierontime> 100 </carrierontime>
   <due>1/27/03 </due>
   <original>1/28/03 8:30:00 AM </original>
   <scheduled>1/28/03 8:30:00 AM </scheduled>
   <actual>1/28/03 9:27:00 AM </actual>
   <vendstat>On Time</vendstat>
   <carrierstat>On Time</carrierstat>

My keys are thus:
<xsl:key name="vendor-list" match="vendorname" use="."/>
<xsl:key name="vendorcode-list" match="vendorname" use="concat(., '+',
<xsl:key name="loadNumGroup" match="vendorname"

I am trying to group by vendor name then vendor code and finally load
number.  The first 2 levels work out but the third doesn't.  Any help

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