Re: [xsl] XPATH: get not repeated nodes

Subject: Re: [xsl] XPATH: get not repeated nodes
From: "aaa bbb" <vsguiseris@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2004 17:33:01 +0100
But since you haven't said what the input file looks like, or what
output you expect, or what output you got, it's impossible to do
anything other than make blind guesses.

Sorry, here I send part of the xml:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
 <V14 cod="1CA8A5H7P5..9X" lit="VERSION1" ord="0000000">
   <V16 cod="1CA8A5H7P5019X20" as="20">
     <VEH codcol="3Y" codtap="Z6FL" tap="Z6FL"/>
     <VEH codcol="5K" codtap="Z6FL" tap="Z6FL"/>
 <V14 cod="1CA8ADH7P5..A0" lit="VERSION2" ord="2">
   <V16 cod="1CA8ADH7P501A032" as="32">
     <VEH codcol="KQ" codtap="Z2FT" tap="Z2FT"/>
     <VEH codcol="5U" codtap="Z2FT" tap="Z2FT"/>
     <VEH codcol="3Y" codtap="Z2FT" tap="Z2FT"/>
   <V16 cod="1CA8ADH7P501A031" as="31">
     <VEH codcol="5U" codtap="Z2FT" tap="Z2FT"/>
     <VEH codcol="3Y" codtap="Z2FT" tap="Z2FT"/>
   <V16 cod="1CA8ADH7P501A030" as="30">
     <VEH codcol="3Y" codtap="Z2FZ" tap="Z2FZ"/>
     <VEH codcol="3Y" codtap="Z2FT" tap="Z2FT"/>
 <V14 cod="1CA8A5J6P5..A0" lit="VERSION3" ord="2">
   <V16 cod="1CA8A5J6P501A031" as="31">
     <VEH codcol="ZR" codtap="Z2FT" tap="Z2FT"/>
     <VEH codcol="4A" codtap="Z2FT" tap="Z2FT"/>
     <VEH codcol="3Y" codtap="Z2FT" tap="Z2FT"/>
   <V16 cod="1CA8A5J6P501A030" as="30">
     <VEH codcol="ZR" codtap="Z2FZ" tap="Sirius Gris Arm.Bito"/>
     <VEH codcol="ZR" codtap="Z2FT" tap="Z2FT"/>
   <V16 cod="1CA8A5J6P501A020" as="20">
     <VEH codcol="KQ" codtap="Z2FZ" tap="Z2FZ"/>
     <VEH codcol="7Z" codtap="Z2FG" tap="Z2FG"/>
     <VEH codcol="5K" codtap="Z2FL" tap="Z2FL"/>
 <COL cod="3H" lit="Azul Grand Pavois"/>
 <COL cod="3Y" lit="Azul Lucia"/>
 <COL cod="4A" lit="Grilyne"/>
 <COL cod="5K" lit="Azul Mauritius"/>
 <COL cod="5U" lit="Azul Oriental"/>
 <COL cod="7Z" lit="Verde Hurlevent"/>
 <COL cod="8Y" lit="Verde Lenz"/>
 <COL cod="C1" lit="Amarillo Heliodoro"/>
 <COL cod="KQ" lit="Rojo Lucifer"/>
 <COL cod="WP" lit="Blanco Banquise"/>
 <COL cod="X9" lit="Rojo Ardent"/>
 <COL cod="XY" lit="Negro Onyx"/>
 <COL cod="YT" lit="Gris Orageux"/>
 <COL cod="ZR" lit="Gris Aluminio"/>

I'll note that in //V14[cod='1CA8ADH7P5..A0']/V16/VEH[not(@tap=preceding::VEH/@tap)]

you are checking _all_ preceding VEH/@tap attributes, not just those
contained within the specified V14 elements. that may or may not be what
you want to do.

I have tried with:

-- //V14/V16/VEH[not(@tap=preceding::VEH/@tap)] --
it gives the VEH wich diferent values of 'tap' but that exists in the whole document.

//V14/V16/VEH[not(@tap=preceding::V14[cod='1CA8ADH7P5..A0']/V16/VEH/@tap)] --
it gives back all the VEH

-- //V14[cod='1CA8ADH7P5..A0']/V16/VEH[not(@tap=preceding::V14[cod='1CA8ADH7P5..A0']/V16/VEH/@tap)] -- //V14[cod='1CA8ADH7P5..A0']/V16/VEH[not(@tap=preceding::VEH/@tap)]

both xpath give nothing.

I have tried with a lot more but they had no sense, I'm lost...

I want that when select a 'V14' in the select of versions the select of 'tap' fill automatic without repeating values, and the same with 'colores' and 'as'.

This sounds like a grouping problem (based on the subject line)  so you
may want to check the faq and jeni's site for grouping hints.

I will look for information there to seeing if I find something.



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