[xsl] Executing SQL queries - XSLT ?

Subject: [xsl] Executing SQL queries - XSLT ?
From: "Manish Rambabu" <manishrb@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2004 22:13:32 +0000
Hi All,

I have an application written in Java which accepts an XML file (data) as input transforms it using a XSL file. I am using Xalan as my parser to do the transformation. As part of the transforming logic I am grouping the data and also performing some basic math operations to result in sub-totals for each of the grouping categories. Is it possible to execute SQL queries from the XSL file against a database so I can store these values in a table?

I have taken a look at Oracle's xsql utility and standalone (command line/ servlet) Im able to fire select/insert queries using the tool. Is it possible to do this programmatically while performing the transformation.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Thanks much

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