[xsl] Thinking Out loud - XML or XSL for boiler messages

Subject: [xsl] Thinking Out loud - XML or XSL for boiler messages
From: "Karl J. Stubsjoen" <karl@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 29 Feb 2004 08:52:20 -0700
I'm thinking out loud...

Trying to determine the best way to arrange a series of different messages a
user can choose from to send to a client.  Initially, XML is the way to go,
but (and this is why I am "thinking out loud") the more functional way might
be to arrange the messages as XSL template rules.  Each pose a problem
(ultimately, with solutions I am not aware of or comfortable with):

The XML problem:
If messages are stored in a simple XML document, then I face the challenge
of how to insert additional information into the XML when transforming.  For
example:  the messages are generic, and might look like this in the xml
source.. "Dear [first_name], we apologize in the delay for blah blah.."
where [first_name] needs to be translated into whomever the user has chosen
to send the message.
The XML advantage:
It is easy to create HTML selector from the XML source by including a
<Title> and <short_description> for each <MSG> and then applying a template
match against the XML source

The XSL problem:
There is not any easy way to create the HTML selector(s) from an XSL source.
The XSL advantage:
Of course, you have 100% freedom to create messages with all types of
different formatting and super easy to add additional client information
where ever.

Well, that is where I am at.  I'm still plugging away, not stuck yet, but
not blazing along either.  Any ideas would be appreciated.


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