Re: [xsl] Large transforms (was Re: [xsl] GByte Transforms)

Subject: Re: [xsl] Large transforms (was Re: [xsl] GByte Transforms)
From: Wendell Piez <wapiez@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 03 Jun 2004 16:16:02 -0400
Dear Kevin:

At 03:57 PM 6/3/2004, you wrote:
I have to say I was a little disappointed/puzzled by the lack of responses. I
am not sure why this was but I can only assume there is either little
interest in transforms over the few 100MB size or little interest in
discussing the problems this presents.

It is not often I get the chance to discuss stuff we are doing on the
processor for obvious commercial reasons. I thought this subject might be
suitable for a wider audience as anecdotal evidence suggests that large XML
file usage is growing and and along with that comes some expectation that
tools can cope.

I can understand and sympathize with your puzzlement. FWIW, I didn't respond myself since I did not want to represent off-the-cuff impressions as something deeply considered in the light of vast experience. Nonetheless I was very glad to see the post as an indicator that someone, at least, was thinking about these issues.

As for large XML file usage, I agree that it appears to be on the rise -- and that people may have expectations of magic (a besetting problem in information processing) -- but you know, it's all relative, and XSLT still has plenty of growing to do even in the realm of small-to-medium-size documents. From the point of view of the kind of data I work with commonly, a 5.5GB input document would be truly huge -- gargantuan -- Big'n'Tall.

You might just be ahead of the curve.


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