Re: [xsl] Large transforms (was Re: [xsl] GByte Transforms)

Subject: Re: [xsl] Large transforms (was Re: [xsl] GByte Transforms)
From: Kevin Jones <kjones@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 4 Jun 2004 08:55:06 +0100
Micheal & Wendell,

Thanks for adding the extra comments. The marketing is something I have little 
influence on. Clearly this issue is not at all restricted to the company I 
work for so I won't comment further.

As I am sure you know there are quite a few ways of handling such large 
documents in XSLT. The method we used is perhaps of interest to some but I 
think the bigger XSLT user issue is going to be the techniques used to write 
the transforms. Working in the GB range is really forcing us to consider this 
seriously. The problem is of course present with smaller documents but not so 
pronounced. We are going to have to work on this in the coming months. If I 
can I will try and relay any interesting results back.

I perhaps should learn again the lesson that my personal excitement at a major 
milestone on the back of a few months hard work does not necessarily 
translate well to a sceptical mailing list. 


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