Sorting a delimited attribute

Subject: Sorting a delimited attribute
From: perry.ielati@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 17 Jun 2004 13:11:52 +0800
Hi all

Newbie to the forum (and to XSL/T ) and i have a problem that i'm hoping 
someone can help me with.

I have an XML attribute that is seperated by commas(,) and pipes(|). Here's a 
small sample...

ness Technology,1|E280,Applied Technology,1|E282,Technical Graphics,1| etc etc "

What I need to do is create 2 HTML tables with each pipe(|) seperated set of 
values in a new row and each comma(,) seperated value in it's own cell.


    <td>D686 (code)</td>
    <td>Work (title)</td>
    <td>1 (points)</td>
    <td>E004 (code)</td>
    <td>English (title)</td>
    <td>2 (points)</td>
</table> etc etc

I've done this, however, all the values are in 1 table - what I need to do is 
now split the data - all codes starting with 'E' should be in a seperate table 
to those starting with 'E'.

I'm completely baffled. Any help would be appreciated.

BTW, I have no control over the layout of the XML...only the XSL.

Thanks in advance,

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