AW: [xsl] commenting and documenting XSLT (small survey)

Subject: AW: [xsl] commenting and documenting XSLT (small survey)
From: <christof.hoeke@xxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 8 Jul 2004 13:11:28 +0200
> Von: David.Pawson@xxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:David.Pawson@xxxxxxxxxxx]
>     another reason to use <!-- --> comments is that in almost
>     all editors they are highlighted (or better lowlighted...)
>     so are much easier to recognize and differentiate from
>     actual content.
>     using elements in another namespace (even a special doc
>     namespace) would somehow pollute the content i think.
> Or document the content?

is the documentation not becoming content then?

>     i guess an element as <annotation> in XML Schema is there
>     for a purpose but probably not to make the Schema better
>     maintainable which I think the main purpose comments in
>     general are for.
> I'd suggest that the annotation element is for annotations?

maybe a bit philosophical but is documentation = commentation?
and what is an annotation in that respect?

> XML comments are one thing.
> XML documentation is another, and can be used as either metadata,
> content documentation or a host of other things, using xml tools.
> XML comments have far less utility IMHO.

XML comments are IMHO just to comment on the XML they are in, not for any
outside use, say the processing of the xml or whatever use the XML has.

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