RE: [xsl] Using keys in templates

Subject: RE: [xsl] Using keys in templates
From: "Hansen, John" <John.Hansen@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2004 09:06:23 -0700
When you specify which nodes are selected in your apply-templates call
then there isn't ever any doubt which nodes are being processed or not.
It's almost always better to specify exactly which nodes you want to
process in an <xsl:apply-templates select=""/> then to either use ifs
inside a template or a match on a template.

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From: Nicolas Mailhot [mailto:Nicolas.Mailhot@xxxxxxxxxxx]

Well, you're right but with priorities you can poison the default
template with an xml:message and detect when a node that isn't supposed
to be processed is.

Anyway, thanks for the advice !

Nicolas Mailhot

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