AW: [xsl] XSL documentor

Subject: AW: [xsl] XSL documentor
From: <christof.hoeke@xxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2004 16:29:10 +0200
> Von: Martin.Borgars@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Betreff: [xsl] XSL documentor
> I've recently been given another developer's XSL templates to
> support now
> that she's left the team.
> There are a large number of templates. Does anyone know of
> any tools that
> could provide me with details of how all the templates fit
> together (i.e. a
> root map) if I tell it what the top-level template is?

without pretending that its the ideal tool you might want to try pyxsldoc
which gives you an outline of how stylesheets include each other, which
templates are in which stylesheet etc. including an index and basic tree view.
I don't know if thats what you are looking for but I developed it exactly for
the purpose of understanding a big xslt package. download from
I wrote that tool so am biased of course, there are a few other tools that do
that too, try xsldoc on google.


> Martin Borgars

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