RE: [xsl] Any samples of client-side XSLT to generate webpages?

Subject: RE: [xsl] Any samples of client-side XSLT to generate webpages?
From: "Daniel Joshua" <daniel.joshua@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2004 13:18:30 +0800
Hi all,

I have not get any samples from anyone on the list yet.

Well here is what I done so far. As you can see I need help making it work
in both IE and Mozilla. (work on IE only) (works on
Mozilla only - currently need to manually add the '?transform=true', but I
might automate this later)

Here's the code that either writes out XML with a XSLT stylesheet or uses
saxon to transform into HTML.

  protected void writeDocument()
      boolean transform =
        InputStream inputStream =
+ _stylesheet);

        //_response.setContentType("'application/xhtml+xml"); // currently
most browsers do not support this yet

        //TODO: Add Caching
        TransformerFactory transformerFactory =
        Transformer transformer = transformerFactory.newTransformer(new
        transformer.transform(new JDOMSource(_document), new
        _document.addContent(0, new ProcessingInstruction("xml-stylesheet",
"type=\"text/xsl\" href=\"stylesheets/" + _stylesheet + "\""));


        XMLOutputter xmlOutputter = new
        xmlOutputter.output(_document, _response.getWriter());
    catch(Exception ex)
      throw new NestableRuntimeException("Failed to write document", ex);

Any help/suggestions/links/samples would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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Subject: [xsl] Any samples of client-side XSLT to generate webpages?

Hi all,

I am looking for samples (hopefully as part of a web site)
of web pages that use XSLT in a browser to generate the HTML
that is displayed.

Best would be pages that have forms. As I am encountering a problem
trying to submit a form in Mozilla using 'document.myForm.submit()'.
When I did a alert() to see the value of 'document' it returned
'XMLDocument' and 'document.forms' returned 'undefined'.

Currently, it works in IE using client-side transformation
(ContentType: "text/xml") and in Mozilla using server-side
transformation (ContentType: "text/html").

Also, I noticed in Mozilla's DOM Inspector that my '#document' had
two 'html' child nodes, the first was blank and the second had the
'head' and 'body' nodes and the namespace ''.
Any idea for this extra 'html' node?

I really would like to examine how other people do XSLT in browsers,
thus the reason I am looking for samples. Or should I do all my
transformation on the server-side?

By the way, I am using Mozilla 1.8a2 and IE 6.0.


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