RE: [xsl] Any samples of client-side XSLT to generate webpages?

Subject: RE: [xsl] Any samples of client-side XSLT to generate webpages?
From: "Daniel Joshua" <daniel.joshua@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2004 15:42:23 +0800

> Sarissa is a JavaScript library that provides a common interface
> between similar DOM extentions of browsers. Common tasks covered:
> Loading of DOM objects from remote sources or strings, controlling
> XSLT transformations, performing XPath queries and more.

I  see you are the main developer for sarissa. It looks very nice...
XSLT done in HTML, not the way I was expecting (which is a pure XML
file being sent to the client's browser with a XSLT stylesheet).

I just downloaded Sarissa 0.9. Can I ask why there is a 'document.html'
and a 'Document.html' in the same folder? The seem to be the same file.

Can you explain this to me... 

In sarissa/doc/samples/transform_and_append_to_page.html: 

  .appendChild(document.importNode(resultDoc.documentElement, true));

it lookes like you are add a whole document into a the "appendChild"
element, is that legal or am I mistaken?


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You may be interested in sarissa as a XSLT etc API that works on both 



Daniel Joshua wrote:

>Hi all,
>I am looking for samples (hopefully as part of a web site) 
>of web pages that use XSLT in a browser to generate the HTML
>that is displayed.
>Best would be pages that have forms. As I am encountering a problem
>trying to submit a form in Mozilla using 'document.myForm.submit()'.
>When I did a alert() to see the value of 'document' it returned
>'XMLDocument' and 'document.forms' returned 'undefined'. 
>Currently, it works in IE using client-side transformation 
>(ContentType: "text/xml") and in Mozilla using server-side 
>transformation (ContentType: "text/html").
>Also, I noticed in Mozilla's DOM Inspector that my '#document' had
>two 'html' child nodes, the first was blank and the second had the
>'head' and 'body' nodes and the namespace ''.
>Any idea for this extra 'html' node?
>I really would like to examine how other people do XSLT in browsers,
>thus the reason I am looking for samples. Or should I do all my 
>transformation on the server-side?
>By the way, I am using Mozilla 1.8a2 and IE 6.0.

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