Re: [xsl] Trouble using recursion to make a Counter

Subject: Re: [xsl] Trouble using recursion to make a Counter
From: dave frette <gohabitat@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2004 09:17:34 -0700 (PDT)
I agree with the others.  I think you should reconsider your data.
This probably isn't your real data, but if it is it seems odd to have 
level 2 description/id within a level 3 element.


- Dave

--- greyson.smith@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Hello!  I've been struggling with something that seemed very simple when I
> first started looking at it, but has become frustrating.  I have hit the
> archives and google, yet have found nothing to spark my imagination.  All I
> need is to process my xml and for each node that I process increment and
> print a counter to the result file.
> I have data that looks like this:
> <level1>
>       <Level1Desc>Neighborhood</Level1Desc>
>       <Level1ID>1</Level1ID>
>       <Level2>
>             <Level2Desc>Street</Level2Desc>
>             <Level2ID>100</Level2ID>
>             <Level3>
>                   <Level2Desc>House</Level2Desc>
>                   <Level2ID>1000</Level2ID>
>             </Level3>
>             <Level3>
>                   <Level2Desc>Condo</Level2Desc>
>                   <Level2ID>1001</Level2ID>
>             </Level3>
>       </Level2>
>       <Level2>
>             <Level2Desc>Park</Level2Desc>
>             <Level2ID>101</Level2ID>
>       </Level2>
> </level1>
> There are many level 1s in my data.
> I have looked at using the position function, but it seems to be based on
> levels, so i was getting 1s 2s and 3s quite a bit.  I tried looking at
> recursion, but the examples I found were not nested.
> I have been trying to use recursion samples that I found using this list
> which I shall not reprint, but can supply a copy if needed.
> So the end result of the processing would look something like
> 1 Neighborhood
> 2 Street
> 3 House
> 4 Condo
> 5 Park
> Which is to say that every item that I do something with I need a unique
> sequential number.
> Thank you.
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