RE: [xsl] Priority and import precedence

Subject: RE: [xsl] Priority and import precedence
From: "Andrew Welch" <ajwelch@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2005 09:59:11 -0000
> I think numeric priorities would become pretty unmanageable
> if they had global significance rather than applying only
> locally within a module. That's the only reason I can think of.
> There are all sorts of things one could do to improve the
> modularity of XSLT
> - public/private attributes on variables and named templates,
> template priority linked to the schema type hierarchy,
> syntactically-scoped template rules, template rules linked to
> a stage in a pipeline, etc: but none of them is really
> compelling in my view.

Would it be possible to add a warning message to Saxon, like ambiguous
rule match, when one template is chosen over another purely by import
precedence (in fact, isn't this just another kind of ambiguous rule
match)?  The amount of feedback from Saxon 8.x when using XSLT 2.0 is
really helpful (my stylesheets are a lot 'tighter' now) and I think this
would be a useful addition.


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